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    Domestic & Commercial Air Conditioning Services

  • Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney

  • Austech Air Conditioning Sydney has over 20 years’ experience in the installation, service, repair and maintenance for both Commercial and Domestic clients.

    Our Commercial Air Conditioning Services are available throughout Sydney and suburbs. No matter how big or small your premises are, Austech Air Conditioning has the experience, knowledge and the right specialists for all your commercial air conditioning needs.

  • Corporate Buildings, Shopping Centres, Bars, Clubs and RSL Clubs, Retail Stores, Sporting Complexes, Residential premises and all types of commercial premises.

    Contact Austech Air Conditioning Sydney for all your Commercial Air Conditioning needs.


    Regular servicing of your commercial air conditioning system ensures optimum performance round.
    A regularly serviced air conditioner will run better, last longer and be less likely to breakdown.

    A Commercial air conditioner that is not serviced can use more electricity, are prone to leak water and even stop when you really need it. Also, most air conditioning manufactures suggest regular service of your air conditioning system to protect your air conditioners warranty.

    What is covered in Austech's Air Conditioning Maintenance?

    • We clean and deodorise indoor air conditioning unit
    • Check supply and return air temperature of your air conditioning system
    • Clean indoor coil (If required) of your air conditioning system
    • Check evaporator drain on your air conditioning system
    • Check remote control operation of your air conditioner
    • Inspect outdoor Air Conditioning unit
    • Check your Air Conditioning condenser fan
    • Check the Air Conditioning refrigerant levels
    • Check the Air Conditioning pipe insulation
    • Inspect the Air Conditioners duct work (if applicable)

    Prices vary depending on type of air conditioning system (Split or Ducted Air Conditioning Systems).

    Call Austech Air Conditioning Sydney for all your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation, Service and Maintenance today on 0414 566 620